Product Description

Our 2-3 hour design workshops are ideal for anyone with an interest in creating whether you’re a total beginner in floral design, an industry professional or you just like trying new things.

Alice never repeats the same design twice (despite having run over 300 workshops!), but what you will always get is a friendly welcome, a room of like-minded people and a spot of afternoon tea!

We also collaborate with local businesses on an ad-hoc basis throughout the year and run special workshops.

Design workshops include:

  • Seasonal fresh flowers & greenery and other materials
  • Pots, metal frames, stone feet and other mechanics
  • Huge selections of decorative and unusual materials
  • Binding materials such as wires, ribbons, ropes, glues, etc.
  • The use of all necessary tools, no toolbox needed
  • Variety of frothy coffees, teas, homemade cakes & other yummy refreshments